Mela !


Growing up in a small town is an ecstasy. Life is simple and expectations are diminutive. And the best part is, you get to have the best of the experiences of life!

One such experience is Mela Hopping.


As a teenager, I was too shy to go to a Mela rather embarrassed! I could never relate to the idea of getting myself drenched with pouring madding crowd, loud tacky Bollywood music or the over-enthusiastic people (especially kids) !!


While I would sit in the car my idiot siblings would enjoy the rides, gulp the street food & buy insignificant things. On the other hand, I would sit and observe people and fashion.  Yes, Fashion – the replicas of everything that was trendy or in vogue.


It used to be a carnival of colors, flavors, fashion & noise/sound.  My odium for that extravaganza was beyond tolerance But….. a part of me wanted to go and scream on those giant wheels, buy those irrelevant “chuut put” stuff,  eat that unhygienic food.


How do I justify that now?

I think those stupid silly things teenagers do, just a part of growing up! Maybe too conscious or that feeling of “World revolves around Me” 😀

Today, unlike my “teen self” I love my Mela hopping sessions with my siblings, family & friends. The madding crowd seems no more mad to me. They are happy people- real people with real emotions.

The tacky Hollywood numbers are those melodies which take me back to my young carefree days. And the overenthusiastic kids tell me…… this is the way you should live your life- like no one cares !!

Now……I shout loudly sitting on a giant wheel, I eat everything that is spicy and is vegetarian and buy whatever is cheap & shiny. These extravaganzas are Loud but are “REAL” !!






If you are tired of traffic signals, long working hours, repetitive weekend parties  & you are looking for solace …. Pushkar is the answer.

Warning : Do not go with high hopes !! You will not find the royal amenities in Pushkar unlike Jaisalmer , Udaipur  Jaipur or other destinations of Rajasthan .


Pushkar is one of the most ancient cities of India also known as “Tirtha Raj” (King of pilgrim sites). It is a small town nested by Aravali Hills which makes it a beautiful landscape. There are not many places to explore but there are many spots to just sit and ‘let go’.

Taking you to the tour of the city through my lenses.


STAY : Everyone has their own ‘Holiday Mantra’, I have my own. At a small place like Pushkar, where there is not much to explore outside, I prefer staying at a good resort which has a good view and is centrally located. We stayed at ‘Gulab Niwas Resort’, which is located at Parikarama Marg,Pushkar. It’s a Fort style resort, with a beautiful pool side site viewing arena. I asked one of the staffs, why is it called Gulab Niwas ? He told me because it is surrounded with rose fields and that’s how it got its name – Gulab Niwas !!


GEOGARAPHY: I found it pretty interesting and went out looking for the details. It was then I came to know about Pushkar and its “Pushp”(flower) connect. Pushkar is famous for its Rose cultivation. The Mugal emperors first started rose cultivation in Pushkar since they wanted good quality roses for their Wines & perfume. The perfect Geographical location and suitable climate makes Pushkar a bed for nearly 698 hectares of rose cultivation site.


Nested by the Aravalli hills , Pushkar has a beautiful landscape. We have to take a ropeway to reach the Savitri Devi temple. The view from above is mesmerizing and literally breathtaking.


TEMPLE : While on my walk towards the Brahma Temple I came across many small shops selling- rose water, gulkand, rose flavoured incense sticks & perfumes. I decided to grab a few but before that I had to take a bow at the ‘only Brahma Temple of India’.

There are many versions of mythological stories for Pushkar. The stories I heard about Brahmna & Pushkar were different from the ones that were narrated to me by the tourist guides . Yes ….. you heard it right – a tourist guide !! Even in this google age I keep a guide with me. This is my another “holiday mantra”- ‘if you are at a historic place, keep a guide with you.’ At Pushkar, a Guide came pretty cheap, for just 30 bucks !!


MARKET :  The market place around the temples vicinity, is not different than any other religious places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Banaras & Deoghar. But here you will find all sort of rajasthani stuff- jewelry, fabric, handicrafts, home decor items & amazing eateries. I hoarded a lot many junk jewelry, little unique handicrafts, gulkand, rose water & rose incense sticks. A new item that I came across was “Indhoni”  . I asked the lady making it, about its use. She told me it is used for carrying ‘Kalash’ on the head.


FOOD :   Having tasted Lassi of Banaras, Mathura, Jodhpur, Ujjain, and even Goa…. I have quite become a Lassi taster. Lassi of Pushkar is just different with its rose flavor taste- highly recommended !!

In the market you will find many sweet shops clamor- “aayeye khaayeie Sohan Halwa, pasand na aaye to paise  wapas”. Had read about ‘SohanHalwa in school hindi books but tasted it for the first time. It’s almost like chikki.

Daal Baati Churma – you find it everywhere in Rajasthan and the taste varies from place to place. I ordered for a plate of DBC at one of the adjoining Dhaabas but could not finish the whole plate. I likened the making process more than the taste of it.


RESTURANT : We mostly ate the street food and the hotel’s buffet at our 2 days stay at Pushkar. ‘Inn Seventh Heaven’ is the only restaurant we tried and I must say it is one of the must-visit places in Pushkar.


The restaurant has a unique architecture, décor & a cozy dining space at the third floor. The menu has been specially designed for the foreigners but the food is amazing. If you are tired of having spicy and rich food, the restaurant has simple, light & organic food to offer. While you are having your dinner or lunch you may feel as if you are sitting in a tree house.


Two days are more than enough to explore Pushkar. While on our way back to Jodhpur we crossed Ajmer which is quite a developed and advanced district. Do not forget to get clicked at Ana Sagar Lake, before you leave Ajmer.


Pushkar is not just a small town it’s a Rose of Rajasthan.


My Evening Hues ¡!


My Evening Hues ¡!

A tinge of purple , some dash of yellow ,

a splash of Orange & a spray of gold….

Makes my evening sky look like this !
Is this for Real ?
Yes it is ! It is …!!
It’s my piece of Sky …. It’s my share of high.
A painting that is painted just for me, which adorns my Sky.


I feel really lucky to stay at places which are #HolidayDestination for most of the people but I call it Home ! The blue city Jodhpur is my current abode &  #UmaidBhawanPalace ~ has become my morning & evening tea time partner.
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Wanderer’s Journal !

I have lived on low lands, I have breathed on high hills,

I have been lost in crowds , I have longed for company,

I have stayed in big towns , I have “Lived” in small cities,

I have resided in metros , I  have dwelled  in seclusion.

I would rather call myself lucky that I do not belong  any single piece of land.


So…. Here is it – A wanderer’s Journal !!

A Roving Hobo who changes home every second year.

Sharing my travel & stay stories which are simple yet riveting.